How to Build a sexy Butt

The squat tops every list of butt-sculpting exercises. It directly works the glutes. You can build bigger bottom muscles by dumbbells or a barbell. When you perform them keep feet parallel, shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower the hips as if sitting … [Read more...]

Running Classes

Our Running Classes have been designed for every level from jogging to sprinting, we will help you get ready for your next fun run, hill sessions to speed work, if it involves running we have it covered! Running or jogging offers many health … [Read more...]

Living Social Voucher Holders

We have a special deal available in January 2014 via Living Social. If you have a voucher from this offer please complete the form below to book for your personal training sessions. … [Read more...]

9 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

Personal Training has become the fastest growing aspect of the fitness industry. Much of this is due to the hectic nature of our lives today. We have little time to ourselves and we need convenience, efficiency and safety in our workouts. Personal … [Read more...]

Holiday Season Fitness Plan

You're busy, you're stressed and you can always come up with an excuse not to exercise. But instead of pushing aside your fitness program during this holiday season, by organising your time better you can help avoid stress and those pesky extra kilos … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tips for Getting Results

Getting and staying fit can be quite the challenge. For many people, its very hard to get enough motivation to get up off the couch. Here, we share a few tips and tricks that will keep your workout routines on track. 1. Be Consistent Being … [Read more...]

Boost Your Metabolism by Building Muscle

Our bodies constantly burn calories, even when we’re doing nothing. This resting metabolic rate is much higher in people with more muscle. Every kilo of muscle uses about 12 calories a day just to sustain itself, while each kilo of fat burns only 4 … [Read more...]

Is Training Good for a Hangover?

A common belief is that "sweating out" a hangover will help see off the effects of a night on the turps faster than lying on the couch clutching your head and groaning. After all, exercise gets your blood pumping, helping your liver remove … [Read more...]


I have been training with Jimmy once a week for almost a year now and I love it! He always has something new and exciting planned for our sessions. He has provided me with nutritional advice which, combined with our workouts, has brought a lot … [Read more...]

Rebecca – Mona Vale

I’ve been training with Jimmy for 4 months now and see him twice a week. He’s always upbeat & makes training fun, especially our boxing sessions, which I look forward to every week. From day one he’s made me feel at ease with him and so now I … [Read more...]