Holiday Season Fitness Plan

You’re busy, you’re stressed and you can always come up with an excuse not to exercise. But instead of pushing aside your fitness program during this holiday season, by organising your time better you can help avoid stress and those pesky extra kilos that nobody wants to put on!

This time of year is difficult for many people trying to stick to a healthy eating and exercise program.

Here are some tips to keep you stay motivated and disciplined:

Combine Exercise and Family Commitments

Walking on the beach, jogging or swimming are great ways to spend time with loved ones (especially at this time of the year!), while also incorporating the benefits of exercise.

Increase Your Time Management Skills over This Holiday Season

Organise your day in advance. Prioritising your tasks beforehand will help you find time to exercise. Each week, make it a priority to fit in three exercise sessions.

Instead of not going to the gym or attending your 6.30pm outdoor group training class because of a work party(!), wake up an hour early and go for a walk or jog before work, or squeeze in a nice walk outside into your lunch break.

Be Realistic

Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays, instead try to maintain your current weight.

Don’t Skip Meals

Before leaving for a party eat a healthy snack. You will be less tempted to eat junk food or over eat.

Make sure you schedule time into your day for your exercise, take advantage of summer and do more outdoor activities. Our women’s outdoor group training offers morning and evening sessions so you can stay on track.

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