Rebecca – Mona Vale

I’ve been training with Jimmy for 4 months now and see him twice a week. He’s always upbeat & makes training fun, especially our boxing sessions, which I look forward to every week. From day one he’s made me feel at ease with him and so now I don’t just consider Jimmy an exceptional trainer but also a great friend.

I’ve been impressed with his wealth of knowledge when it comes to dietary information & the way he focuses on my needs as an individual. When he initially started training me he put me on a detox diet, which I found really easy to stick to, and from there, worked out the foods that I should avoid. I believe that this has played an integral role in keeping me virus free over the winter months when I’m usually catching every flu/cold going around!

Jimmy has inspired me to improve my fitness levels so much so that I’m now walking between 7.5km’s – 10km’s per day. I no longer suffer from the chronic back pain I was having before, and I now have much higher energy levels throughout the day. My body shape has changed and I love that I’m forming muscle tone and feeling strong!

I have no hesitation in recommending Jimmy to anyone, he is the real deal! He is professional, honest, caring, and shows genuine concern for his clients and their wellbeing.

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