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If you’re seeking to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight, the essential first step is to eat a metabolically appropriate diet. No other single factor will exert more influence on your ability to manage your weight effectively.

Its also important to include an exercise training plan routine to burn calories, exercise designed to build lean muscle mass and thereby increase the metabolic rate, keeping insulin levels in check ( insulin is a hormone that increases fat storage ) by balancing the blood sugar, etc.

But unless you’re eating according to your metabolic type, you’ll struggle with excess weight. Why? Because following a diet that’s wrong for you will disrupt your cellular oxidation. In other words, your cells will not have the ability to efficiently convert nutrients into the energy they need to conduct life-sustaining metabolic activities.

Your cells are the workhorses of your body; they’re like miniature chemical factories. So, whenever you consume calories in a form your cells can’t use, or in a form that’s not ideal for them, your cells simply can’t do a good job of burning the calories, or converting the food and nutrients you eat into energy. And whenever calories cannot get burned or oxidized as “body fuel,” they get stored as fat instead.

This is the reason why some people stay slim and energized on various kinds of high-protein, high-fat diets while other people feel sluggish and gain weight by eating this way. Conversely, some people are able to stay trim and fit on low-protein, low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets, while these same diets cause others to pack on the pounds and be chronically fatigued.

Everyone is different, and everyone needs to identify the specific foods and food combinations that are best for their own unique body chemistry. Fortunately, The Metabolic Typing Diet is one of the most effective tools to help you tailoring a diet based on your own needs.

At Silva Fitness Training one of our personal trainers will help you finding your metabolic type and designing the best nutrition plan for you.

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