Lower back pain – Lordosis

Lordosis is an exaggerated curve in the spine. Its when the lower back curves inwards more than it would naturally do.

The spine needs a natural curve to function correctly. This is due to the shape of the individual bones of the spine. If the curve becomes to great then stress is placed on other parts of the spine causing pain.

The causes of lordosis are because some muscles around the hip and spine become tight and some become weak and stretched.

People with this problem have to be careful when doing some exercises that can affect the lower back, such as squats, standing shoulder press, sit ups

A Personal Fitness Trainer can assist you developing the best training plan for strengthening the weak areas and increasing the flexibility of the tight muscles.

The treatment for this problem consist in a program that strengths the lower abdominal region and stretches for the tight muscles such as hamstrings, lower back and hip flexors.
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